Coarse language, chronic illness, toxic parental relationships, manipulation, abuse dynamics

drown with me is about learning to live with resentment for your loved ones.

drown with me is a personal snapshot of the experience of dealing with an older, close family member with a medical problem they (arguably) caused themselves through wilful mismanagement of their own health. Your mother has ignored medical advice and assistance relating to her diabetes type 2, which has allowed it to get to the point where there are now serious complications. She and your sibling expect you to help her and care for her unquestioningly regardless of her own behaviour.

Your role is to attempt to deal with your mother as well as your sibling who has their own expectations of you.
The game unfolds as a series of phone calls and text messages, reflecting the way these events often unfold in isolated and physically distant interactions between close family members.

drown with me is drawn heavily from my experience and others close to me dealing with toxic family members at times of crisis and the conflicting nature of your obligation to family and your own desire for self-preservation.

(drown with me was written with a strict limit of 1500 words in Twine)

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