A downloadable game for Windows

A Period but make it fashion.

Created by Morgan Meehan-Lam, Kiri Wright and Phoebe Watson

Prototype built in 3ish weeks for RMIT University assignment (Please note: None of the course staff were responsible for our decision to make a game based on periods. You only make games based on periods at RMIT if you want to).

The forest is procedurally generated each playthrough. Major achievement was learning how actually to do that.

How to play:

Movement: WASD
Jump: Spacebar or Leftclick
View: Mouse
Press ESC to close

When the world is flooded, please head to the cervix (the large doughnut shaped object in the middle of the map)

You absolutely can jump off the map and fall off the world.
...Please don't do that.

This is a prototype. This means it's working on a wish and a prayer. Be kind! Hoping to continue work on this bad boy in future.


***Morgan Meehan-Lam: Programmer/VFX***

Gameplay Controls
Procedural Object Generation
Storm Clouds
Wibbly Shader (on the spindly trees)
Sound Implementation
Trees, textures

Sources (If ya wanna learn what I learned):
Sebastian Lague Poisson Disc Sampling Tutorial:

Roystan Water Shader Tutorial: https://roystan.net/articles/toon-water.html

Yellowstone Height Map:

***Kiri Wright: 3D Art & Sound Design***

Environment Assets
Background Music - Emily A Sprague - Mind And Eye Journey -

***Phoebe Watson: Flocking Behaviour and Bacteria***

Unfortunately Phoebe's badass work didn't make it into this build due to some issues we were unable to resolve. Please rest assured, she does badass work.


Period_Game_01.zip 28 MB

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